Pavlok 3

A Mindfulness Coach On Your Wrist

key advantages

  • Coaches your mind through new 3rd gen SNAP technology
  • Helps you form good habits through practical apps
  • Waterproof & lightweight




December 2020


Wearable Tech Gadgets

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Pavlok 3 Sports Package

Included items:

1x Pavlok 3 Device
1x Silicone Band


Limited time offer

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Mindfulness Right On Your Wrist

Breathe in… Breathe out… Check your posture. Deep breaths. Let your thoughts come. And let them go…

From the makers of 4 previous successful crowdfunding products, Pavlok 3 is sure to take your awareness to new heights. 

No need for meditation apps. No time needed.

With the use of vibrations, chimes, and a strategically used “snap,” you’ll be able to take control of your habits, conquer your distractions, and reclaim your focus, all from your wrist. 

This is mindfulness your way.


Limited time offer

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