Ultra-thin, Magnetic Phone Grip

key advantages

  • Magnetic
  • Rotatable
  • 3mm thickness
  • Comes with a sticky plate to affix a phone on any surface




January 2020


DesignPhone & Accessories

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Included items:

1x Ohsnap

$19  $25  

Oh snap Indeed. Though some might use curse words, we’re PG-rated.

Everyone knows that sinking feeling when your phone hits the deck.

And then comes the moment where you check to see whether your precious mobile has survived or has been smashed, cracked… No longer touch-responsive—simply a blank screen.

Enter, Ohsnap!

A sleek, ultrathin, magnetic phone grip that needs only one finger.

Just press the button in the middle, and a C shape grip suddenly appears, so you can hold your phone in a way that won’t send it flying.

The grip even rotates and slides into any of your favorite positions

And the magnet means you can attach it in a convenient position in your car. Or on your fridge, while you enjoy yesterday’s left-overs for breakfast—we don’t judge. Oh, snap!

Every Ohsnap comes with a sticky plate so you can even attach it to non-magnetic surfaces, like your child’s forehead!

That’s not all folks! Ohsnap can be used as a kickstand so your phone doesn’t fall flat just before you find out who will sit the Iron Throne.

It comes in different colors and is compatible with any smartphone. It really is the health insurance your flying phone desperately needs.

Check out the link to see all the kewl features for yourself, and give you and your phone the peace of mind that it won’t smash into a million pieces the next time you’re off to work.

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