Ninebot S Max

Self-Balancing Scooter

key advantages

  • Integrated Speed Panel
  • High Power Output
  • Lifting and Falling Protection




April 2021


Cool Tech

Most popular Perk

Super Early Bird x 1

Included items:

1x Ninebot S Max

Limited time offer

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Segway’s take on MarioKart

Have you ever wanted to start your own MarioKart Club? Well, Ninebot has made it easy by upgrading their latest Segway and making it adaptable to their very own Go-Kart! 

Now you can Segway yourself to work, down your neighborhood, in your office… or switch it up and throw those same wheels on a Kart. Yupp… This segway has a “Go-Kart Mode”!Even if Kart mode isn’t your thing, with its added speed panel, battery capacity and shorter charging times, you can still hit the streets while standing at 12 mph for nearly 24 miles at a time. Coffee runs will never be the same…

Stand-out, and stand up on your next trusted steed.


Limited time offer

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