Weightless Vacuum Bags

key advantages

  • Easy to use
  • No electric device needed
  • Protects from humidity and foul odors
  • Super lightweight




February 2020


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9 piece set

Included items:

9x bags

$25 $50

Weightless Magellan bags—the truly innovative packing system—have been built with travelers in mind.

Huge capacity, strong and easy-to-use, the Magellan vacuum bags allow you to neatly pack your belongings into the luggage case, and protect them from moisture and odors.

Thanks to its special triple valve, it’s extremely easy to pump all air out of the bag, and the compressed zipper won’t let it get back in—the vacuum seal lasts up to 45 days.

Thanks to its special turbo-valve and optimal design, the Magellan allows you to remove practically all air from the bag in just a few seconds.

Send your belongings into the vacuum of space and pack thrice the number of goods than before!

Best for someone who likes to take lots of things but never has enough space!

The Magellan vacuum bags roll in different sizes, meaning the possibilities of sealing different items are endless.

Magellan is not just for traveling!

No spare space in the closet?

Bedclothes, blankets, pillows, and clothes that you rarely use start smelling?

The Magellan packing bags solve these problems also—they’re perfect for packing even relatively large items!

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