Lumos Ultra

Helmet with the lights

key advantages

  • Crush test certified
  • Water resistance
  • Front/Rear LED Lights




November 2020


DesignTravel & Outdoors

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Super Early Bird – Lumos Ultra

Included items:

Lumos Ultra Lumos Remote

Limited time offer

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“Let there be light,” or has Harry Potter said, “Lumos!”

With just a nod of your head, this smart bike helmet illuminates ahead, behind and to the sides, making you unmissable to drivers and highly reducing the risk of a crash. 

And even though bikers remember their manual turn signals, to most motorists you’re just speaking in Martian sign language. 

Left hand up? Right arm bent? Is he flipping me off?

Lumos Ultra puts the doubts to rest. 

A quick tap on your handlebar—or lifting your Apple Watch—automatically activates the helmet’s integrated turn signals. But that’s not all… 

Waterproof? Check! Crash-tested? Check! Style? Check!

This futuristic helmet is so cool you’ll be wearing it everywhere.

Rock climbing? Lumos! Rave? Lumos! Skinny dipping? Lumos!

Who said you needed an e-bike to enjoy the latest 2-wheel tech? Lumos Ultra brings affordable sci-fi-esque riding to everyone.

Limited time offer

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