Big Light for Small Spaces

key advantages

  • Wireless
  • Motion detection and gesture control
  • Big area of the source light




October 2020



Most popular Perk

Early Bird

Included items:

1x Luminook LED strip 1x control module w/ battery pack LED mounting clips

$59 $86

If you’re lucky enough to see, then you have to appreciate light.

It gives us a sense of depth, the ability to see these words, and the power to find things in the dark!

Luminook is a powerful shadow-less light that you’ll forget you have, but won’t be able to live without.

Install it anywhere. Attach an LED strip to the base, and wrap it around the inside of your closet, under your kitchen cupboards, around your bed frame, under your car, to your dog… wherever!

The controler base allows you to change the light’s temperature, senses when you open the door, turns off and on through hand gestures, and holds a battery pack that can last ages.

Set it up in minutes and forget you never saw.

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