Smart speaker that teaches Chinese

key advantages

  • 100% voice-controlled
  • Pronunciation correction
  • Real-time translation
  • App to see Pinyin & learn Chinese characters




April 2020


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Lily – main colors

$199 $399

Too broke for books, or too shy for classes?

Check out this lil helper that can teach you Chinese!

Chinese is rapidly becoming the language of the future, and Lily is poised to be your best teacher.

Programmed with games, a voice assistant, pronunciation correction, translation, teaching Chinese characters, and more. This lil device seems to do it all!

Save money that you would otherwise spend on annoying group classes.

Save time that you’d spend getting to those annoying classes and doing that boring homework.

And at your own pace. Nothing’s worse than being slowed down by your classmates or seeing your teacher’s frustration with your lack of progress.

But Lily won’t judge. Actually, I hope she won’t—I’m not sure!

Connect it to your phone using the app, or just converse with this little helper, and you’ll be one step closer to being a fluent Chinese speaker.

If this works, we’d love to see it in other languages as well.

It would really be far more interesting as a device if it could teach more than just Chinese.

I wanted to learn Yiddish, damn it!

But for you Sinophiles, this is a great tech-savvy way to learn Chinese in a stressless and comfy way!

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