Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad Pro

key advantages

  • Quick setup
  • Macbook-style design
  • Easy to use




January 2020


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Included items:

Libra Keyboard USB-C Cable Case

$119 $159

Content warning: Frustration

Monday morning. Still in bed with your phone above your head. Texting your boss you’re running late.


That’s exactly how you feel as your iPad Pro comes down and slaps you in your face! Never mind, at least you woke up! But before you even got your head out of bed, that mistyped message is well on its way to getting you fired… oops too late…

Hmm…? Seemed it didn’t work out that well… let me give it another try.

This time it’s Sunday evening, wrapped in a blanket watching a movie with your partner.

The choice between hugging your partner and trying to hold your iPad is a tough one to make. Each with its own big trade-off.

Let alone the back strain you get altering your position all the time… ahhh it’s a grueling experience… Don’t you wish there was something that would neatly fit on your lap?

Meet Libra!

A sleek keyboard that clips onto your iPad Pro and turns it into a MacBook.

Yep! You heard that right. To any passersby, you’re now on your MacBook. But you’re not. You’re using your Libra disguise.

Libra makes you feel like a true MacBook user with keyboard features that surpass even the real MacBook. Connect via bluetooth and sense the comfort in your every move—scroll, swipe, zoom in and out, play and pause. Late night studying/working? Turn on the backlit keyboard and type easily.

And it doesn’t cost $2,000! Check it out!

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