Fast Cooler for Drinks

key advantages

  • Cold beer in 1 min
  • Cold white wine in 3 mins
  • LED status bar




August 2020



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First Birds

Included items:

1x Juno

$199 $399

What tastes perfect served at 48 degrees with lobster?

You got it! A 2004 Leflaive Montrachet. 

But when your friend shows up with the $10,000 bottle of wine, how can you cool it down in time for supper?

You could wrap it in wet kitchen paper and stick it in the freezer (this really works to cool drinks fast!), but I think it’s better suited to Juno.

This sleek reverse-microwave can cool a bottle of wine to 50 degrees in under 3 minutes!

And it’s not just wine… beer or soda takes less than a minute, and with their cool tumblers, you can turn that morning brew—coffee, tea, soup?—into its iced variety too.

Who am I kidding? None of my friends can afford a $10,000 bottle of wine! But iced coffee to go in seconds, I’ll take it!

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