Safe Start to a Perfect Shave

With HypeBody’s 3 easy settings — Sensitive, Comfort, and Ultra Close — adjust the exposure of the blade and quickly learn to mow that stubble like a pro.
And thanks to its balanced lightness, you don’t need to suffer months of cuts to relearn how to shave. It’s a seamless continuation of your years of training with typical multi-blade razors.

The Right Head, for the Right Shave

Fancy a little stubble on the weekend?
No longer are you limited by your disposable razor’s single shave setting. HypeBody lets you easily switch between Sensitive, Comfort, and Ultra Close shaving heads to achieve your perfect shave.
Inspired by your barber’s electric clippers that allow him to change the length to give you your stylish fade, one small adjustment on your HypeBody will change the blade’s exposure and the closeness of your shave.


Hype Body

Built to Outlast You

Milled from premium aerospace-grade aluminum, HypeBody was built to last you a lifetime. And with its thicker and sharper rapid-replacement injector blades, one blade will last you up to 5x longer!

HypeBody Single-Blade Kit

The HypeBody Single-Blade Razor Starter Kit includes everything you need to enjoy the perfect shaving experience for up to six months!
  • Single Edge Razor with 3 shave settings
  • Razor Stand
  • Shaving Brush
  • 6-month Blade Supply

$160 $267

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