The Ultra-Dynamic Dual Mode E-Bike

key advantages

  • Removable battery
  • Integrated in-seat air pump
  • Foldable


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1x Z20

$699 $999

Can you cycle 50 miles from Manhattan to Long Beach, off-road across the sandy dunes, and back in a few hours? 

Give it a go — effortlessly — with the HIMO Z20 Ultra-Dynamic Dual Mode eBike! 

HIMO Z20 offers breathtaking mobility, cutting-edge off-road design, upgraded performance and a fun riding experience in a tiny foldable package. 

Every aspect of its design is carefully considered — there’s even a pump hidden within the seat!

Fold down the frame, and you can access the durable 10Ah battery and remove it from within the lightweight aluminum frame.

And the best part — riding into the future doesn’t require winning the lottery!

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