GoSun Chill

Solar Cooler That Doesn't Need Ice

key advantages

  • No Ice needed
  • Charging with solar panel
  • Keeps Foods Frozen for Hours
  • Charges other devices




February 2020


Travel & Outdoors

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GoSun Chill

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GoSun Chill

$599 $749

Keeping your food and beverages cool when you’re at the beach or park can be hard. For years, we’ve lugged around heavy coolers filled with ice packs or literal ice. Finding shade is always a challenge.

Enter GoSun Chill, an eco-friendly solution with the coolest take on this problem.

A compact, lightbox that’ll freeze or refrigerate your food and drinks with no need for ice or a plug socket.

Just open up the solar panels at the top and let the sun power this baby which can keep going for hours!

You have the option to use your car or a power socket too but the main eco-friendly option is definitely something that was attractive to our team.

Heck! Even though it doesn’t need ice to work, it’s powerful enough to make ice cubes for your beach cocktail.

It even has a small compartment for you to store your bottle opener. They’ve thought of everything!

I’m not much of a beach person, but get me the GoSun Chill and I’ll join you on the sand any day!

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