Take your data transfer speeds to a new level. The built-in cooling system offers exceptional performance with no overheating. And irregular shapes, tiny notches and aluminum case deliver better protection from drops and water.

Now you can enjoy…

Blazing speed for data transfers

Gigadrive offers read and write speeds of up to 2,800MB/s, which is 18x faster than your computer’s hard drive.

Safety within ruggedized body

Milled from aluminium alloy, Gigadrive external SSD is tough enough to withstand dust, rain and accident drops. Take it anywhere and be sure your data is safe and intact in any environment!

Anti-overheating technology

Dual thermal pads, optimized surface area, and built-in heatsinks provide advanced heat control to your Gigadrive. No more overheating while transferring tons of data!

High capacity storage

Gigadrive external SSD packs up to 4TB storage ready to use out of box — no additional software needed. Backup your computer, phone, games and whatever you want and access them on-the-go.


Video recording from camera

With 2,000MB/s write speed, Gigadrive gives you a unique portable space to offload all your HD footages and photos in real-time.


Robust compatibility

Supporting MAC, Windows, Android and Linux operating systems, Gigadrive external SSD offers unmatched compatibility with Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3 and any USB-C enabled gadget, including USB 4.0


Future-inspired design

Irregular shapes, combination of glossy and matte finishing, tiny notches and futuristic design make your Gigadrive stand out among the other external SSDs.

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