FUELL Flluid

Longest Range eBike

key advantages

  • Long-distance ride: up to 125 Mi
  • Internal hub gears
  • Two removable batteries




February 2020


DesignTravel & Outdoors

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Included items:

2 Batteries, Fenders and Rear Tray, Central Stand, 1S

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I rode my bicycle for 200km at 45km/h. Never?

When we first saw the FUELL Flluid, we just saw the specs. It took us a while to understand that we weren’t looking at a motorcycle, but a pedal-assist electric bike!

Just look at it!

At 31kg, you might not be carrying it up the stairs to your apartment—but once you’re out on the street, there’s no stopping you!

Before reading on, check out our review of the Fuell:

Designed by Erik Buell—engineering genius from Harley Davidson fame—this bike knows what it’s doing. Sleek, powerful, and what turns out to be the longest range of any e-bike!

It could literally get you from NYC to Philadelphia in one trip!

With its two removable batteries each with 1,008 Wh of pure power, FUELL is one of the most powerful e-bikes on the market.

These two factors—range and speed—totally justify its surprising-at-first-glance price tag: $4,000!

Remember that its competitors are nowhere near as powerful. And remember Eric Buell…

Not to mention its design is sleek, and it doesn’t scream “e-bike.” From a distance it literally looks like any ordinary bike, albeit a high-end one.

FUELL Flluid is definitely a biking enthusiast should consider, if you’re really looking at getting a top-of-the-market product then FUELL is for you.

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