Jon Snow Won’t Help You Here

key advantages

  • 100s of scenarios to play out
  • 10 powerful characters which you can develop during the game
  • 25+ components to create your own frosty world




March 2021


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Included items:

The main Frosthaven box

$100 $160

You’ve made it beyond The Wall to the Frozen Wastelands.

And you’d be forgiven for thinking Jon Snow will get your back, but you’re as far from Game of Thrones as Dorothy is from Kansas.

This is the land of perpetual winter. This. Is. Frosthaven.

This role-playing game takes the best of film, videogames and the creators’ past experiences with their Gloomhaven world. 

Enter a vast unexplored world with 100s of scenarios to play out.

Build your village, explore the forests, attack the monsters, loot the dungeons, collect the rewards, and develop the 10 playable characters… 

As you feel the cold of winter creep in, and prepare for the fight of your life!

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