Flipo Flip

Pocked-Sized Relaxing Toy

key advantages

  • Fun
  • Addictive
  • Calming
  • Multiple tricks


estimated delivery

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Included items:

1x Aluminum Flipo Flip Leather sleeve

$21 $35

Flipo have reinvented the wheel, and given you the powers of Magneto over metal. To amaze and awe as you make a square roll.

Spin it. Flip it. Throw it. Bounce it.

In the end, these are all just ways to calm your nerves. And annoy everyone else around you—my coworker Jeff deserves it!

Pop it out of its leather pouch, and its precise milling will act as a mirror into the soul of a younger you.

Its shiny polished surface, ethereal and timeless. Like it fell out of Elon Musk’s spacesuit!

And maybe that’s because it’s made from the same aerospace aluminum.

It’s probably what the astronauts were keeping busy with when the cameras went out… Antigravity is just another way of saying antistress!

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