Flic 2

The Perfect Button for Controlling Everything

key advantages

  • Use at:
  • Home
  • Office
  • Car




January 2020


Cool TechHousehold

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1x Flic

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Flic 2

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I never thought you could do so much with one little button.

Toggle your lights or play your music… but wait, there’s way more.

Use it in the morning to hit snooze on your alarm, attach it to your car, start your coffee machine, dim the lights or turn on the morning news.

You might think this is for the supremely lazy but when you’re a busy bee and need your routine to run smoothly, this is the perfect lil helper to make your daily needs far easier.

The cool thing about Flic is that the possibilities are really left up to your imagination!

Think about something. You can probably do it with Flic. Anti-burglar device? Done!

When you leave home, use it to turn off all electrical devices, and even turn on your security system.

Attachable to any surface and compatible with a ton of apps. Just connect it to your devices and the possibilities are endless.

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