Firewalla Gold

Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security

key advantages

  • Easy to install
  • Alarms you every time someone tries to hack in into a connected devices
  • Alarms when clicking on a spammy link or when your device installs malware.




July 2020


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Firewalla Gold

Included items:

Firewalla Gold
Firewalla Gold Software

$359 $499 

No, this isn’t the name of an Italian pornstar. 

It’s the 3rd campaign from this privacy-focused firewall company. 

After successfully delivering their Firewalla Red and Blue versions to backers in over 100 countries, the team is back with a device that packs an even stronger punch!

While you can feel physically safe behind the walls and locked doors of your home, the internet is mostly a boundary-less chaos, where people can access anything from your interests to your phone’s microphone and your security cameras, if they try hard enough!

This multi-gigabit device plugs in between your home’s devices and the internet. It gives you access to interesting usage metrics, parental control features, blocks ads, malware and hackers, and puts you back in control of your data.

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