Remote Control for All Devices

key advantages

  • Compatible with almost all kinds of devices.
  • The remote control works with Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and the mobile app.
  • 5 arms for different button types


Cool TechHousehold

Most popular Perk

Duo – Special

Included items:

2× Fingerbot
2× Robot Arm Tool Pack
Adaprox Bridge

$89 $159

Limited time offer

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We look at a lot of cool, technologically advanced, groundbreaking innovation here at Tech I Want. 

But sometimes the Tech I Want is really just the most practical, simple solution.

One device that can control everything you have at home. 

From turning on your desktop to waking up your cat.

From turning off the lights to scratching behind your ear..

One device that can make all your other devices smart.


By doing the one thing they can’t on their own. Pressing their buttons!

Fingerbot is a digital extension to your hand. Stick it wherever you want, link it up to your phone, and this cheap, simple device will press buttons at a distance, through the app or on a timer.

Limited time offer

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