Beat Yo-Yo Weight Cycling
Today with Embry!

Embry is the world’s first patent-pending smart insole and weight management mobile app that continuously and invisibly measures your weight throughout the day.

Built-in Scale
Accurately Measures Your Weight throughout the Day

Android & iOS Compatible

Weight Insights & Recommendations Tailored to  You

Take Control of Your Weight

Getting to your desired weight goal and staying there… hard? Not with Embry!

Embry smart insole silently and consistently monitors your weight patterns, and alerts you as soon as your weight fluctuates or starts to rise.

Boost Your Confidence

Experience that amazing feeling when you lose 10 pounds and maintain that win!

Embry gives you the confidence you need to beat weight cycling and achieve your activity goals.

Through its smart insights and recommendations tailored to your own personal data, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your own body and habits.

Invisible Tracking…

Forget your scary daily routine of scales, charts, and self-defeating mindsets!

Embry empowers and sets you free by monitoring your lifestyle behind the scenes. The smart insole slides into your shoe and automatically measures your:

Active Time

Average daily weight

Sitting and standing time


… Visible Results

Stop restricting yourself with dieting plans that only offer temporary successes!

Build better habits through Embry’s friendly accountability. Link your smart insole to your phone via Bluetooth, and receive healthy reminders that encourage you to stay on track:

• Monitor your weekly weight fluctuations
• Access wellness insights based on your lifestyle
• Receive instant recommendations to put you back on the right path

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