USB-C PD Enabled Heated Jacket

key advantages

  • Water resistant coating
  • Wind resistant fabric
  • Odor resistant bamboo infused




May 2020


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Jacket + Power Pack UL

$289 $428

Do you find yourself always too hot or too cold? Do you feel like the Goldilocks of the damn climate?

Check out Ember! A comfortable and flexible athletic jacket that is perfect for those who have itchy feet.

It’s not puffy so you don’t look like a loser, and has a small electrical device that heats the jacket from the inside.

So when you’re off hiking or exploring and feel that chill biting away at you, just switch Ember on and you can heat it up, giving you a nice warm feeling inside.

With its small electrical device inside, once turned on, the whole jacket will heat up to a chosen temperature.

Did you know the corpses of former hikers are used as location markers in the Himalayas? This is the fate that awaits those who don’t realize that the cold can ruin their relaxing hiking trip.

Don’t be a location marker!

With Ember, you can make sure that getting too cold in isolated areas is a problem of the past.

Click the button and you can check out all the nifty features this hikers dream companion actually has!

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