A Virus Disinfectant You Can Drink?

key advantages

  • Kills bacteria, microbes and germs
  • Sterilizes, Deodorizes & Purifies
  • Safe for pets, kids and food!




May 2020



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Egret Electrode

$144 $270

I sneezed next to a speed camera the other day and got a ticket—turns out each sneeze sends 100,000 viruses and bacteria into the air at 100 mph!

And these land everywhere. Tables, doorknobs, couches… even your phone and wallet have more bacteria on them than your toilet seat.

One glass of bleach, please!

Wait! The cleaning products we use are even more dangerous than the germs themselves! 

So Egret proposes we use the two most unlikely everyday household items, instead.

Table Salt + Tap Water (+ a little science)!

By passing a current through the salty solution, this Technicolor jug creates neutral electrolyzed water—a non-toxic powerful sterilizer, deodorizer and air purifier that can be used on anything from pet toys, to baby products and food!

You can even spray your shoes and yourself down, to get rid of those #stayhome smells.

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