key advantages

  • 4K resolution and 90° ultra wide FOV
  • Plug & play all devices
  • Lightweight, portable and private




September 2020


Cool Tech

Most popular Perk

Super Early Bird

Included items:

1x Dream Glass 4K

$635   $379

Limited time offer

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Fancy a 15-min Holiday in Hawaii Every Morning?

Let’s travel back in time to 2019.

When we used to be able to go out to the cinema.

But entertainment doesn’t need to be a distant dream… 

How about bringing the movies with you anywhere you go? 

To your living room. The cafe. Your kitchen. The bus. Your bathroom. 

Dream Glass projects a magnificent 4K 200’’ screen into an augmented reality in front of you. 

Use it to watch 2D/3D movies. Connect it to any gaming console. To your PC or Mac as an extra screen. Even control your drone in FPV!

Lighter. Faster. And with a longer battery life. DreamWorld AR is back with another killer campaign.

Limited time offer

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