The ultimate new interactive toy for cats

Board Game

Cheerble Ball

Scratch Pad

What is Cheerble Board Game?

Free Your Cutie From Boredom with Endless Hours of Cheerble Ball Fun

Does your cat feel lonely when home alone?

Does she scratch your furniture?

Does he suffer?



This brand new 3-in-1 board game is designed to keep your pet happy and active by giving them a fun way to satisfy their natural instincts and work off stress.

Cheerble Board Game is backed by the latest findings

in feline psychology and years of experience developing smart toys for thousands of smart and happy cats.

Most backed pet toy brand in crowdfunding history

when Cheerble Board Game is launched

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Cheerble Playboard

Your cat’s

paradise on earth

Unlimited fun in

a limited space

Fun hunt for your feline friend

The multifunctional board is a great place

for your cat to play, exercise, nap and, of course, chase the Cheerble Ball.

Lightweight and portable, Cheerble Playboard offers limitless options for

your cat to play and have fun in any

corner of the house.

Chasing the ball in the slots and tantalizing the wand with its feather pom will help your cat satisfy their hunting instincts and have fun.

Cheerble Ball

Bundle of joy your cat needs

The multifunctional board is a great place

for your cat to play, exercise, nap and, of course, chase the Cheerble Ball.

Made to be loved by your cat

With its woolen outer shell and

light effects, this tiny magic

ball is made to please your pet’s

senses of touch and sight.

Healthy play for happy cats

The smart ball keeps your cat

active, which means they stay fit, at the same time getting the portion

of chasing fun they enjoy so much!

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Cheerble Scratch Pad

No more scratched furniture

With Cheerble’s built-in Scratch Pad, you know your cat has a place to give freedom to their natural instincts and won’t harm your furniture.

Healthy claws on curious paws

Playing on the Cheerble Scratch Pad will keep your cat’s claws in shape and conditioned, relieving you of the need to trim them yourself.

Take away your cat’s stress

Cheerble Scratch Pad is an ideal place for your cat to release built-up energy, distract themselves and tune back to a feel-good mood.



My cat can’t get enough of it. Thanks for a great product.

The best toy ever. Self rolling ball plays with my Flynny for 10 minutes before stopping to give her a break, during which she reactivates and becomes super playful. She loves it.


My cats were very interested. Well, worth the wait, they are constructed well and easy to assemble.


Free Your Cat From Boredom!

Get Them The 3-in-1 Joy They Need So Much!

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