All-in-one Portable Brewer

key advantages

  • Brews in 5-mins
  • 6 oz. brew
  • Connects to a 12V vehicle outlet
  • K-cup compatible




June 2020


Travel & Outdoors

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If you’re like us, you don’t begin to function in the mornings until you’ve had that sip of coffee. And that other one at work.

Did we forget the one on the way to work?

And walking back to the desk after lunch?

The morning coffee break?

The afternoon coffee break?

Health “benefits” aside, at $5 a cup for coffee away from home, that quickly adds up.

The BRÜMACHEN 1.0 brings your homemade coffee on the road. Fresh, brewed then and there. And for a cost of just 25 cents per cup!

By plugging it into your car’s adapter, you have 6oz brews ready to go in 5 minutes, no matter where you are.

You still need some form of power source, it would be nice if version 2.0 includes a power bank…

But heating water to a near-boil is no light feat!

Fill with water, attach your typical K-cup, and push the power button.

As the motor heats the water up, it overflows through the coffee and fills up your cup with aromatic freshness.

Limited time offer

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