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  • Keeps everything you need to work ready organized and ready to go
  • Attachable to a laptop
  • Comes in 3 versions


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My work has me moving around a lot, and that means that when I pack up my things to move from the kitchen to the living room, and grab my laptop, charger, phone, charger, pen, charger, notebook and an extra charger just in case… 

I inevitably drop something!

I don’t want to grab a backpack every time I move from the bathroom to the bedroom, though.

The folks at beblau have another solution. 

Their sleek and sexy organizers—Fold, Slim and Twist!

No, those aren’t the moves to the latest Miley Cyrus dance…

They’re elastic bands with pockets and attachments that you can wrap around your laptop to hold your pens, phone, mouse, hamster, and whatever else you need to work!

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