Barisieur 2.0

Tea and Coffee making Alarm

key advantages

  • Both for coffee and tea
  • Unique design
  • Wireless charger




September 2020



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Early Bird: Barisieur 2.0 With Charger

Included items:

1x Barisieur 2.0 Wireless charger

$324 $558

Limited time offer

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There are 2 kinds of alarms. That annoying sound you snooze and forget… 

And that glorious first cup of coffee that clears the fog from your mind and gives you the caffeine kick you need to get to work.

Well, what if they both were one?

Barisieur is the lovechild of Walter White, Rube Goldberg and Peter McKinnon—the chemistry set that looks cool and makes a lip-smacking brew!

Time it to have your coffee ready the moment you wake, so that the fresh scent of roasted beans is your first memory of the day.

Unleash your inner scientist, as you watch Barisieur drip drip drip the richly infused earthy elixir straight into your veins—sorry, a cup to go.

And as with every high-quality and practical bedroom nightstand, Barisieur also comes with a wireless charging pad.

Limited time offer

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