Honey, I shrunk the keys

key advantages

  • full-travel keyswitches
  • full-travel keyswitches
  • graphical configuration tool


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Keyboardio Atreus

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Keyboardio Atreus
Multiple keyword switch options


Put your hands on the table and take a look at how they naturally rest.

Are they pointing parallel away from you? Are your fingertips all on the same line?

Unless you’re a T-Rex, I guess not!

Yet the device we use the most, forces us into this awkward position because it hasn’t changed in 200 years. 

Don’t believe me? 

While your RAM doubles every 2 years, the keys on your keyboard are horizontally staggered to ensure typewriters wouldn’t jam in the 1850s. 

And why does the Spacebar take up 5 keys, but you need to jump over the moon to reach the Backspace?!

With Atreus, keys are vertically staggered to match finger length. The two hands are slanted naturally. And the thumb has access to many more useful keys!

The result is a tiny 40% keyboard with no compromises to individual key size, and extra attention to comfort.

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