Simple Productivity System

key advantages

  • Organizable through its magnetic dividers
  • Adjustable based on one's note-taking style
  • Sets timing for tasks dividing them into days


estimated delivery

Best choice

Analog Starter Kit

Included items:

1x Wood Card Holder 3x Monthly Card Packs

$88   $69

Digital notes are cool. Synced between phones and laptops. Editable.

Searchable. Sortable. Deletable. 

But they have 1 fatal flaw. They’re digital.

You need to take out your phone/PC. Turn it on. Wait. Open the app.

Wait. Open the note. Wait… what did I need to write again?

Next time I’ll grab a notebook. But where is it? And where’s that important note? Ah, I wrote it on a slip of paper and put it in the washing machine with my jeans… 


Simple. Clean. And foolproof.

Always in front of you. Your notes and to-dos always visible and ready to be checked off.

A GTD tool for the offline world. For the aesthete. 

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