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key advantages

  • Pare up to 4 Ambassadors to a smartphone
  • Hygienic over-the-ear design for sharing the device
  • Visual feedback for translation




March 2020


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$119 $149

A traveler and professional’s best companion to navigate the complex world of multiculturalism.

Like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, Ambassador is an ear piece that’ll break all language barriers. It offers simultaneous translation in 20 different languages!

I know, you’re probably thinking this one’s a stretch. But, seeing the testimonials and the way the team created this, it might just be a real groundbreaker.

Like your own personal travel Ambassador, it listens to what you’re saying. Through a set of microphones and speakers, incorporated into the device, it translates with high accuracy.

What about the locals around you? Ambassador picks up speech within a 2.5 metre radius and translates it for you into whatever language you have chosen.

You can connect up to 4 earpieces through your smartphone and make the conversation even bigger!

The 20 languages include European, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern languages and can even recognise up to 42 different dialects. Check out which ones on their page!

For just $119, you will get 2 earpieces so you can share the conversation with your travel buddy!

When I remember all those times I panicked in my travels, looking for a local who understood me… the peace of mind this brings is totally worth it!

We’d still recommend learning languages, as traveling with know-how is one of the most rewarding experiences. Also, there’s sure to be places where it won’t work. Don’t try picking up a date in a crowded bar!

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