Personal A.I. Assistant

key advantages

  • AI powered Brain
  • Front and back camera
  • Projector
  • Scanner


estimated delivery

Best choice

Dark Matte

Included items:

1x Alfred
Charging Station
Spare Rubber Tires

$499 $950

This might be contentious, but Batman was always my favorite superhero. 

No magic, no secret powers or special sauce, no bites or infections… Just his wits, training, millions of dollars and Alfred.

I probably won’t be getting Wayne’s physique or manor anytime soon. 

But I can now get Alfred. My own personal butler.

This robot on wheels can follow you around the house and take care of everything, from waking you up to answering all of your smart-assistant questions and needs. 

It also has a projector and a camera, with which you can play movies and presentations, get important reminders or read emails, take selfies and film lectures, and even scan documents!

Take that Bruce Wayne!

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