key advantages

  • Connects to the phone through Wi-Fi
  • Integrates smoothly
  • Saves time & effort by eliminating the plugging of the phone to the car's monitor




February 2021


EDC Gear

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Included items:

1x AAWireless

Limited time offer

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One step closer to symbiosis with your car…

Now everything’s wireless… laptops, earphones, and your neighbor’s Apple’s CarPlay! 

Why shouldn’t you — with your Android phone — be able to enjoy those same perks? 

Android Auto lets you project your Android phone’s screen to your car’s infotainment system. For music, maps, movies, the internet… you name it!

But it still suffers from needing cables — leading to not using it as often, or forgetting your phone in the car.

AAWireless creates a seamless wireless link between your phone and your car’s smart system.

Wait… a smart car and a smartphone fully using AndroidOS… without wires!? 

We’re not saying you’ll turn into Optimus Prime… but syncing with your Android Auto will be forever easier. 


Limited time offer

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